11th July 2024, 9:00AM-12:00PM

Curve Club, London

Embedding an AI heartbeat into your marketing department

The buzz around AI's potential to revolutionise B2B marketing is growing louder. But amidst the excitement, it's easy to overlook the foundations needed to successfully adopt an AI strategy from within.

Truly harnessing AI demands a fundamental shift in workflows, processes, and marketing strategies. The need to build a robust foundation and ecosystem to fully unlock AI's benefits is more essential now than ever for marketers.

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Operationalising AI

Transforming processes and strategies for the AI era.

Data Readiness for AI

Identifying the essential data infrastructure required to unleash AI's full potential.

Building a Future-Ready Marketing Department

How to establish an AI heartbeat within your team and manage the fear and culture change that comes with AI adoption.

Assessing Marketing Department Maturity

Evaluating your team's readiness to embrace AI and identifying areas for growth.

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Curve Club

15 Westland Pl,


N1 7LP

Thursday 11th July
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Menier Penthouse,

5th Floor, 38 Southwark St,



Wednesday 28th June 2:00 - 6:00 PM

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Meet the speakers 

Mike Hales
Digital Product Owner - Conversational AI

BT Group

Tim Abbott
Head of Corporate Communications
Barratt Developments

Ben Russell
Chief Commercial Officer

TAE Power Solutions

Sal Dulloo
Social Media Strategist

PinPoint Media

Harry Fox
Animator & Creative Technologist
PinPoint Media

Jennifer Lee
Head of Content



The rise of immersive technology (AR/VR) in B2B marketing

The impact of AI and machine learning on hyper-personalised experiences for B2B customers

The challenges and opportunities of integrating technology into B2B marketing strategies

Best practices of brands that are successfully leveraging technology-led experiences to engage with customers

Clara Daray
Account Director

PinPoint Media

Catherine Reed
Senior Director Global Marketing

Erica Colson
Global Head of Marketing 


Samartha Vashishtha 
Head of Content Design 


So what does this transformation look like? How can we achieve more with less through AI? How do we build the blueprint ecosystem for the marketing department of the future?

Join us with SAP, Cisco, and more to navigate building AI ecosystems for B2B marketing. From operationalising AI and optimising data readiness, to streamlining processes and driving cultural change within your team. Explore how to ensure your team is truly ready to capitalise on AI's potential to not just be a tool, but the heartbeat of innovation and growth.

Oliver Bruce

PinPoint Media

Tejal Patel
Senior Director, Global Integrated Channels

Carolyn Scott
Director of B2B Marketing


Featuring speakers with experience from:

Enterprise businesses spent £7m on AI in 2023, and this year, the same organisations are predicted to spend £18m annually. 

Andy Burrell
Head of Portfolio Marketing & Communications

Prag Jaodekar
Technology Director